Who will I write references for?
I will generally provide letters of recommendation (references) if I am, or was, your academic advisor or I have supervised you for a project or dissertation. Unfortunately, due to my workload, I cannot normally provide letters of recommendation to other students.
The Department of Mathematical Sciences' reference policy provides guidance on applying for further study and explains how you can secure references in support of your applications.
If I am your academic advisor or have supervised you for a project or dissertation and you would like to request references from me, please email me the following:
• A list of the programmes for which you are applying
• A recent CV
• Any points that you would like me to emphasise in my letters (optional)
It is not normally necessary for us to meet, but if you would like any advice or would like to discuss your applications, please book a meeting.
Contact details
Usually letters of recommendation are requested, on your behalf, by the institution to which you are applying. I will provide my references directly to the institution. Please use the following contact details when listing me as a referee on your application:
Name:  Dr Daniel Colquitt
Position: Senior Lecturer
Address: Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
L69 7ZL
Telephone: +44(0) 151 794 6668
Email: d.colquitt@liverpool.ac.uk
Please use these precise contact details, particularly the email address. Otherwise I may not be able to submit your references.
Depending on my workload, it typically takes around ten working days from my receiving a request to my return a reference letter. Please ensure that you submit your applications in good time before any deadlines.
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