a little bit about me...
I am a Senior Lecturer and a member of the Waves and Solid Mechanics group in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool. I both teach and carry out research in Applied Mathematics. You can read more about the things I do below.
I like to say that I am a very applied mathematician, which essentially means that I look at physical problems from the point of view of mathematics. I use and develop new mathematical techniques for the study of wave propagation, localisation and fracture in complicated materials. Although I primarily work with mechanical waves, I also have an interest in electromagnetic and acoustic waves, as well as fluid mechanics.
I am currently working in several broad areas including cloaking (making things invisible), localisation (concentrating waves and energy in a finite area), fracture (investigating how complex materials break and fail), homogenisation (approximating complicated materials and phenomena by simpler ones), controlling waves, and mode-conversion (changing one type of wave to another). You can read more about my work in my papers or see more about it in my talks.
Recent Papers
Carta G, Colquitt DJ, Movchan AB, Movchan NV, Jones IS. 2019. Philos Trans Royal Soc A, 378. doi: https://doi.org/10.1098/rsta.2019.0350
Wootton PT, Colquitt DJ, Kaplunov JD. 2019. Proc R Soc A, 475. doi: 10.1098/rspa.2019.0079
I currently teach modules on Vector Calculus with applications to Fluid Mechanics (MATH225) and Variational Calculus (MATH430). I also usually offer a couple of undergraduate and taught-postgraduate research projects each year. However, I will not normally supervise more than two projects each academic year, so it's best to get in touch early if you'd like to do a project with me. If you are interested in doing a PhD with me, you should drop me an email in the first instance. You can find a few sample projects here, but that list is not exhaustive.
Usually, the fastest way to reach me with short questions is to use twitter @danielcolquitt. For longer questions, please make an appointment to come and see me whenever is convenient for you.
Office Hours
During term-time, I hold two remote office hours each week where you can drop-by, without an appointment, for help with the course, or any aspect of your studies. Currently my office hours are
3pm - 4pm on Tuesdays (Click here to join via Zoom)
1pm - 2pm on Thursdays (Click here to join via Zoom)
If neither of these times are convenient for you, you can book a meeting at an alternative time. Please do not email me to arrange a meeting, instead please go to meeting.danielcolquitt.com where you will be able to see all the times at which I am available and book a meeting at a time convenient for you.
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